Defibrillator in Farmacia Catalunya in the centre of Barcelona.


Farmacia Catalunya and the project "Barcelona, cardio-protected city"

At Farmacia Catalunya we are very pleased to be part of the initiative "Barcelona, cardio-protected city". This programme began in 2013 and its goal is to install automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in all Barcelona’s pharmacies.


We are pleased to offer this service as "having easily identifiable defibrillators in every pharmacy can help save lives." As more than 93% of Barcelona residents have a pharmacy within 250 metres of them, this service will be accessible to everyone and will also make Barcelona the first city in the world to have an automated defibrillation system.


It is important to point out that each year about 4000 people die in Catalonia as a result of sudden and fatal cardiac arrest. Cardiac resuscitation devices could prevent 150 of the 4000 sudden deaths that occur each year in our region.


This initiative started with a pilot phase encompassing 50 pharmacies but now involves 180. Phase three should cover all the pharmacies in Barcelona.


The initiative has been promoted by the Barcelona Salut health association and is supported by Barcelona City Council, the Official College of Pharmacists of Barcelona (COFB), and the Medical Emergency System (SEM). It is funded by Laboratoris Ferrer and Fundació AXA. Prior to it being implemented in Barcelona, the project was launched in Girona, where 22 lives have already been saved thanks to the defibrillators installed in pharmacies.